Thursday, July 29, 2010

ATM disasters

Summit Zillions Deluxe ATM
After reading this news, I remembered one of my incident with ATM. 

Back in KTM, I was drawing money on late Friday evening. I was new to ATM system. The location was Putali-sadak. One can guess which ATM it was.
After I got the cash, I started counting  the money and forgot to pull out the card.
I was just done, and there goes the card. The ATM machine just ate the card.
I was distressed!
The security guard did not help. He was plain and simple: "go home, come back on Monday; there is no way that you can get it now since the offices are also closed". I could not come back on Monday for sure.
I called the hotline (?) no answer. After few minutes of jumping here and there, finally an employee of the bank showed up. He was kind to go behind the ATM machine to pull the card and
give it back to me.
Crisis resolved.

ATM machines eat the card after 20/30 seconds so that it can not be taken by anyone else in the case you forgot it in the machine. That feature is for your safety!

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