Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who said science is hard and boring?

Study the science of art and the art of science.
--Leonardo da Vinci

Princeton University is hosting fourth Art of Science competition. The exhibit includes work by undergraduates, faculty, research staff, graduate students, and alumni.  The theme for the 2010 Art of Science exhibition was “energy”.

If you have experience of working (hard) in a lab, you know the instant pleasure of seeing something beautiful and artistic. I wonder how much influence that has onto creativity. I have few such experiences of non convergent bubble graphs during my Monte Carlo runs. I will certainly post few of them in future... to me they looked beautiful.

The pictures presented there were produced during the course of scientific research. 
Here is the video from Vimeo:

While you are there do not forget the previous year's archives.

OK OK... It may be hard; but it is not boring :P


  1. Beautiful !. After watching this cool video I changed my concept, now I can say: "Science may be hard, but not boring." (It is not always as interesting as in this video though:)

  2. Great images! I agree with you that science is beautiful and interesting. It may be hard and demand a lot of patience, but it's never boring.
    Science and art may appear walking in different roads, but the inherent property of both of them is same, the creativity. I remember reading somewhere a saying by a great scientist (Einstein or Max Plank, I'm confused now) that 'every scientist in his deep heart is a poet.'

  3. It takes so much energy to climb and reach to the mountain top and we do not intend to live there... however, just a glimpse of natural beauty from there makes all the effort worth.
    Thanks for your comments.


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