Monday, January 25, 2010

Get updates by Google Reader for news site with no feed

Few weeks back we had conversation in Nepali Blogger's community started by aakar that Nepali News web sites are not publishing the Feed to make people visit their websites and get some hits on their ads or something like that.

One of my favorite News Site Nagarik News has feed... but its little weird. Displays only two recent posts.

This problem can now be overcome by the use of Google Reader. Google Reader is a nice tool by Google which can bring you the recent changes made in the site; even if it does not have RSS/Feed by making the "Google Feed".

I have not tried it yet, I am trying the following (as suggested in the reference link below):
I will enter
into the feed subscription of Google Reader, and see if it really works.

Few Screen-shots:

Lets see...



  1. Yeah !
    It's wonderful...
    will try it...
    thanks for this info...

  2. @ Aakar, so far it says...

    "Google was not able to access this page to check for updates. This page may be unavailable or have other restrictions that prevent Google from getting updates."

    This is an experiment anyway.


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