Monday, May 18, 2009

News From Nepal: Still want more pain?

The political situation of Nepal has always been so fragile that it can take any direction in any moment. That is the case for at least last 15 years. I have to careful when I talk about the last 15 years of multi party democracy in Nepal. I am trying to reflect the basic annoying factor of Nepali Democracy. It looked so chaotic. Such chaotic movements can be understood as the learning steps towards stabilization. But the question is how much Nepali people has to pay before they can say "this is OK". I know that stage is not yet attainable from the current situation (for few more years). Also, One can not even imagine that complete stability in politics is very good thing . For example, political stability of China and the system of India are very different in nature. But the question is what are we learning towards stability?
However,  when I was talking about the stability, I was talking about the rule of law. At any given time, the rule of law must be established. The leaders can change, so can the people's view on different political groups but if the superiority of rule can be established, we can attain peace.
Well, leave all these theoretical stuffs aside.
Stable and mature multi party democracy and rule of law all seems like joke in today's Nepal.
But, still, we can not loose our hopes!

Hope is what we seek in the news from Nepal.
Give us some good news!!!

Has anyone imagined Nepal after 10 years (without being biased) ?

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