Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ten Minutes

Saturday Aug. 4, 2007:

Went to Prof. Kimball's Picnic. (Prof. Kevin Knuth and Emily Knuth gave me a ride, thank you very much!!!)

Enjoyed it!!!

Sailing, Eating and Enjoying the beauty of lake Saratoga.

Thank you Prof. Kimball!!!

Sunday Aug. 5, 2007:

Went to Walmart to buy a vacuum cleaner (it is not so powerful, so kinda donot like it, but hate to go for return) and anti sunscreen lotion, and a sleeping bag.

Next week I am going to camping.

This is not a blog writing! On my nested sampling I got some offline comments from friends that I may have enough time to write such a long article!, it took me time if I sum up all fragments: it had taken nearly 2 hrs.)

The problem is that in these two days I took a little off for rest. No study and no tension means no thoughts to write. So, Nothing to write.

Meanwhile I have started a page on google group of Nepal Physical Society in which people can update their progress. Let's see how far it goes.

It is the time of Comprehensive preparations, so, I can see my college friends cramming for it.

Good luck friends!

(10 minutes + 2 mins for revision to insert mistakes!)

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